A Hub for the Conscious Man.

Keep a quiet heart. Sit like a tortoise. Walk sprightly like a pigeon. Sleep like a dog.
<span style="color:#ffffff;">A Hub for the Conscious Man</span><span style="color:#003595;">.</span>

Mercury Retrograde (Mercury moving slower than Earth around the sun): May 10th, 2022 - June 2nd, 2022.

Do: Review history, Slow down, Do some planning (Goal Setting/Vision Board) Don't: Sign New Contracts, Make New Big Purchases or Expect Travel to go as planned.
<span style="color:#ffffff;">Mercury Retrograde (Mercury moving slower than Earth around the sun): May 10th, 2022 - June 2nd, 2022</span><span style="color:#003595;">.</span>


Great time to reevaluate those goals - build your own Vision Board. Real simple - 9 categories, figure out 9 images that represent your goals - and keep plugging away.
<span style="color:#ffffff;">FRESH CANVAS TIME</span><span style="color:#003595;">.</span>

Visitors from 133 Countries.

To all the gents visiting MNH from around the globe, much gratitude. Hope you find a new tool that will bring value to your life. Add us as a bookmark, if you have room - Add a life tool, take one out, add another - rinse and repeat.
<span style="color:#ffffff;">Visitors from 133 Countries</span><span style="color:#003595;">.</span>

Yoga + Meditation Gear.

A pair of sweats and a mat, is really all you need.
<span style="color:#ffffff;">Yoga + Meditation Gear</span><span style="color:#003595;">.</span>

Conscious Sex.

Time to shift up how we view sex in 2022. With the aggressive onset of online pornography over the last 10 years, time for some rewiring.
<span style="color:#ffffff;">Conscious Sex</span><span style="color:#003595;">.</span>

AM Mantra -> PM Binaural

AM Mantra -> PM Binaural

Be Creative.

'Creativity is the greatest rebellion in history' - Osho.
<span style="color:#ffffff;">Be Creative</span><span style="color:#003595;">.</span>

Build your Health Team.

Focus on wellness, rather than illness. Acupuncturists - Naturopath - Health Tests For Men - Examine.com - Organic Farming - Plant Medicine.
<span style="color:#ffffff;">Build your Health Team</span><span style="color:#003595;">.</span>

EBike + Hammock Life.

Bikepacking - the minimalist camping dream.
<span style="color:#ffffff;">EBike + Hammock Life</span><span style="color:#003595;">.</span>

Magazine & Workbook Coming Fall 2022.

<span style="color:#ffffff;">Magazine & Workbook Coming Fall 2022</span><span style="color:#003595;">.</span>

Journal for Clarity.

The most cost efficient therapy. Get it out of your head and onto paper (acid free archival paper). Hand crafted by a Canadian Artisan in Victoria, B.C.
<span style="color:#ffffff;">Journal for Clarity</span><span style="color:#003595;">.</span>