Men's Natural Health Store.

A holistic approach to men's health and wellness. The highest of quality for preventable and actionable measures on health and well being.
Buddha Board
Mushroom Foraging Knife
Scrubby – Washable + Reusable (2-Pack)
Silicone Lid for leftovers
Toto (Japanese Manufacturer) Bidet + Toilet Seat
Urica (Gout)
Nedi Pot Salt
Nedi Pot Salt
4L Ontario Organic Maple Syrup
Fellow Kettle
Fruit Fly & Compost Smell Deoderizer
Goji Berries
Tru Earth Laundry Strips (384 Loads)
Wool Dryer Balls (4 Pack)
Zit Zapper
Argentina Yerba Mate (Coffee Alternative)
Brazil (Erva) Yerba Mate (Coffee Alternative)
Paraguay Yerba Mate (Coffee Alternative)
Uruguay Yerba Mate (Coffee Alternative)
8PM – Sound Sleep (Snoring Remedies)
Salus Vitamin Formula (Founded in 1916)
Shave Kit Holder + Razor + Blades + Brush
Canadian Quinoa – 25LB Tub
Home Float Tank
Home Float Tank
Vege Pod
Vege Pod
6 Feet (72 inches) Cork Yoga Mat
Feet Up Trainer
Canadian Made Journal (Large) 9X12
Canadian Made Journal (Medium) 6X9
Indoor Growing Stand