Morning Routine – In order to win the day, you need to win the morning.  The consistency of a morning routine will be an absolute game changer. Start/Stop doing list – When changing habits you need to be patient, but track your progress. For example, hmmm, you tug it a little more than you like – well, make a change, try going NOFAP (no masturbation) for a month or manage cell phone use – but track that sh*t. 


Routine in an intelligent man is a sign of Ambition. W.H. Auden

Morning Routine Form Example:

6:00AM: Get Up Now (If you wake up with an Erection, note – testosterone levels are great – good start). Make your bed you filthy animal.

6:02AM: Review your Vision Board.

6:04AM: Tongue Scraper (All Disease Sits on Tongue)

6:08AM: Matcha Tea or Thought Flow Tea

6:20AM: 20 Minute Qi Gong

6:40AM (05/12 in ‘The Way’): Pranayama Breathwork

7:10AM: Read

7:30AM: Journal

7:45AM: 5 Minute Cold Shower

8:00AM: Get After It.

Start/Stop List + Morning Routine Form:

Stop Examples: Watching Porn (going to get after it right at the start), Social Media (Just right ready to cut it out), Checking in on EX G.F. (Looking at you Pisces), Watching TV, Hackin’ Darts, Drankin’.

Start Examples: Learn about pleasure education, Journal, New Language, Do anything creative.



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