7 Roots ‘The Panty Breaker’ (Siete Raices)


7Roots is well known in Peru as the “the panty breaker” (not making that up) due to its amazing properties as an aphrodisiac for both men and women.

The term “panty breaker” or “Rompe Calzon” (in Spanish) is how the people of Peru usually refer to this drink due to its reputation for producing erections large enough to break through any panty material.  If that isn’t the best thing you’ve ever read.

7Roots (seven roots) or “Siete Raices” as is traditionally called in Peru, is a popular drink from the Amazon made from seven dried barks and roots (not 100% roots as everybody may think); huanarpo macho, clavo huasca, chuchuwasi, achunisanango, iporuru, uchusanango and para para.

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Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

We're not assuming, just saying, this might be the case.

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