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Buddha Board
Buddha Board
Chanca Piedra (Kidney Stones)
Millstone Bags
Millstone Bulk Bags
Scrubby – Washable + Reusable (2-Pack)
Silicone Lid for leftovers (who knew silicone had multiple purposes)
Toto (Japanese Manufacturer) Bidet + Toilet Seat
Tushy – Bidet Attachment
Urica (Gout)
Urica (Gout)
7 Roots ‘The Panty Breaker’ (Siete Raices)
Authentic Ayurvedic Nedi Pot
Cuban Tobacco 100% Natural, Zero Waste Soap
Gluten Free Pancake Mix (25 LB Bag)
Goal Setting Whiteboard – FREE DL
Magnum Plus Tea
Matcha Kit (Coffee Alternative)
Meditation Cushion
Nedi Pot Salt
Nedi Pot Salt
Sex – Supplement
Sex – Supplement (TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Formula)
Sex – Supplement Fiery Male (Canadian Made)
Sex – Tea
Sex – Tea
Zero Waste Hair Thickening Shampoo
4L Ontario Organic Maple Syrup
Build Your Own Vision Board
Fellow Kettle
Fellow Kettle
For the gents with Acne – All Natural + Zero Waste
Fruit Fly & Compost Smell Deoderizer
Goji Berries
Goji Berries
Guayusa Tea (Coffee Alternative) + Travel Mug
Hair Essentials for that thick flow
Jasper – 100% Natural, Canadian Made Men’s Perfume (not cologne, but better)
Longevity Tea (Adaptogens)
Meditation Chair
Morning Routine Whiteboard – FREE DL
Shou Wu Wan (For Greying hair and Beard)
Tofino – 100% Natural, Canadian Made Men’s Perfume (not cologne, but better)
Tru Earth Laundry Strips (384 Loads)
Whistler – 100% Natural, Canadian Made Men’s Perfume (not cologne, but better)
Wool Dryer Balls (4 Pack)
Yangxue Shengfa (Hair Loss) 3 Pack
Zit Zapper
Zit Zapper
Argentina Yerba Mate (Coffee Alternative) (Copy)
Barrrrbecue Roasted Chickpeas (12 Pack)
Barrrrbecue Roasted Lentils (12 Pack)
Brazil (Erva) Yerba Mate (Coffee Alternative)
Citrus Forest (Almond, Jajoba, Cedarwood)
Foreplay – 100% Natural Massage Oil (Made in Canada)
Foreplay + Sex – Natural Lube w/ Horny Goat Weed
Lucky Lager Beer Soap – All Natural + Zero Waste + No Hangover
Paraguay Yerba Mate (Coffee Alternative)
Rose Beads with Red Jade Mala
Rudraksha Bead Mala
Sex – Fun Factory (German Made) Men’s Massager
Sex – Fun Factory (German Made) Men’s uhhh back end + taint massager
Sex – Fun Factory (German Made) Vibrating cock ring (oh baby!)
Sex – Magic Wand – You + Her
Uruguay Yerba Mate (Coffee Alternative) (Copy)
Yerba Mate Gourd + Bambilla (Straw)
5 Medicinal Mushroom Tincture
8PM – Harmonic Arts Feel Calm (Sleep)
8PM – Relaxation Tea (Sleep)
Chickpea Pasta (6 Pack)
Salus Vitamin Formula (Founded in 1916)
100% Natural Shaving Bars
12 Pack Hornby Island (Off of Vancouver Island) Organic Certified Bars
Chantrelle Mushrooms (Vitamin D)
Greens Blend (Spirulina, Chlorella, Moringa)
Nootropic (Focus no Caffeine) – Ortho Mind
Nootropic Supplement (Focus with Caffeine) – Super Focus
Organic Cotton Headband + Face-mask + Sleep Mask
Plant Based Omega 3
Shave Kit Holder + Razor + Blades + Brush
Thought Flow Tea (Focus)
Vitamin D (Start in October – March)
Wahl (‘merica made) Beard Trimmer
The top 100 Cocao Bars in the world in one store.
Wheel (opens the back right up)
Blackhead Tool (Tweezerman kit)
Canadian Quinoa – 25LB Tub
Clear Skin Supplement
Cork Yoga Blocks
Home Float Tank
Home Float Tank
Indoor Growing Stand
Kava Kava (Anxiety)
Kava Kava Powder (Anxiety)
Kava Kava Tanoa (Bowl) +  Serving Kit (Shells) + Strainer Bag
Lavender (Anxiety)
Organic Spinach Seed
Reusable Cotton Swab (No more giant blue boxes)
Tongue Scrapper
Vege Pod
Vege Pod
6 Feet (72 inches) Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat – For 5’0 – 5’8 Guys
Amy’s Organic Chilli (12 Pack)
Atlantic Salmon Jerky
Bamboo Toothbrush
Bamboo Toothbrush Holder
Body Pillow (More cost efficient big spoon)
Healthier Gums – 100% Natural Mouth Drops
Natural Toothpaste
7 Feet (84 inches) Long Yoga Mat – For 5’9 – 6’6 Guys
Cold Season (Nov – Mar)
Deodorant – 100% Natural (that works) + Zero Waste
Deodorant – All Natural (that works) + Zero Waste
Organic Olema Quilted Eye Mask (Sleep)
Pomade – All Natural + Refillable Zero Waste Packaging
Pomade – All Natural + Refillable Zero Waste Packaging
Feet Up Trainer
Feet Up Trainer
5 Minute Gratitude Journal
Canadian Made Journal (Large) 9X12
Canadian Made Journal (Medium) 6X9
Canadian Made Journal (Small) 4.5X6