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Buddha Board
Buddha Board
Chanca Piedra (Kidney Stones)
Millstone Bags
Millstone Bulk Bags
Scrubby – Washable + Reusable (2-Pack)
Silicone Lid for leftovers (who knew silicone had multiple purposes)
Toto (Japanese Manufacturer) Bidet + Toilet Seat
Tushy – Bidet Attachment
Urica (Gout)
Urica (Gout)
7 Roots ‘The Panty Breaker’ (Siete Raices)
Authentic Ayurvedic Nedi Pot
Cuban Tobacco 100% Natural, Zero Waste Soap
Gluten Free Pancake Mix (25 LB Bag)
Goal Setting Whiteboard – FREE DL
Magnum Plus Tea
Matcha Kit (Coffee Alternative)
Meditation Cushion
Nedi Pot Salt
Nedi Pot Salt
Sex – Supplement
Sex – Supplement (TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Formula)
Sex – Supplement Fiery Male (Canadian Made)
Sex – Tea
Sex – Tea
Zero Waste Hair Thickening Shampoo
4L Ontario Organic Maple Syrup
Build Your Own Vision Board
Fellow Kettle
Fellow Kettle
For the gents with Acne – All Natural + Zero Waste
Fruit Fly & Compost Smell Deoderizer
Goji Berries
Goji Berries
Guayusa Tea (Coffee Alternative) + Travel Mug
Hair Essentials for that thick flow
Jasper – 100% Natural, Canadian Made Men’s Perfume (not cologne, but better)
Longevity Tea (Adaptogens)
Meditation Chair
Morning Routine Whiteboard – FREE DL
Shou Wu Wan (For Greying hair and Beard)
Tofino – 100% Natural, Canadian Made Men’s Perfume (not cologne, but better)
Tru Earth Laundry Strips (384 Loads)
Whistler – 100% Natural, Canadian Made Men’s Perfume (not cologne, but better)
Wool Dryer Balls (4 Pack)
Yangxue Shengfa (Hair Loss) 3 Pack
Zit Zapper
Zit Zapper
Barrrrbecue Roasted Chickpeas (12 Pack)
Barrrrbecue Roasted Lentils (12 Pack)
Citrus Forest (Almond, Jajoba, Cedarwood)
Foreplay – 100% Natural Massage Oil (Made in Canada)
Foreplay + Sex – Natural Lube w/ Horny Goat Weed
Lucky Lager Beer Soap – All Natural + Zero Waste + No Hangover
Rose Beads with Red Jade Mala
Rudraksha Bead Mala
Sex – Fun Factory (German Made) Men’s Massager
Sex – Fun Factory (German Made) Men’s uhhh back end + taint massager
Sex – Fun Factory (German Made) Vibrating cock ring (oh baby!)
Sex – Magic Wand – You + Her
Yerba Mate (Coffee Alternative)
Yerba Mate Gourd + Bambilla (Straw)
5 Medicinal Mushroom Tincture
8PM – Harmonic Arts Feel Calm (Sleep)
8PM – Relaxation Tea (Sleep)
Chickpea Pasta (6 Pack)
Salus Vitamin Formula (Founded in 1916)
100% Natural Shaving Bars
12 Pack Hornby Island (Off of Vancouver Island) Organic Certified Bars
Chantrelle Mushrooms (Vitamin D)
Greens Blend (Spirulina, Chlorella, Moringa)
Organic Cotton Headband + Face-mask + Sleep Mask
Plant Based Omega 3
Shave Kit Holder + Razor + Blades + Brush
Thought Flow Tea (Focus)
Vitamin D (Start in October – March)
Wahl (‘merica made) Beard Trimmer
The top 100 Cocao Bars in the world in one store.
Wheel (opens the back right up)
Blackhead Tool (Tweezerman kit)
Canadian Quinoa – 25LB Tub
Clear Skin Supplement
Cork Yoga Blocks
Home Float Tank
Home Float Tank
Indoor Growing Stand
Kava Kava (Anxiety)
Kava Kava Powder (Anxiety)
Kava Kava Tanoa (Bowl) +  Serving Kit (Shells) + Strainer Bag
Lavender (Anxiety)
Organic Spinach Seed
Reusable Cotton Swab (No more giant blue boxes)
Tongue Scrapper
Vege Pod
Vege Pod
6 Feet (72 inches) Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat – For 5’0 – 5’8 Guys
Amy’s Organic Chilli (12 Pack)
Atlantic Salmon Jerky
Bamboo Toothbrush
Bamboo Toothbrush Holder
Body Pillow (More cost efficient big spoon)
Healthier Gums – 100% Natural Mouth Drops
Natural Toothpaste
7 Feet (84 inches) Long Yoga Mat – For 5’9 – 6’6 Guys
Cold Season (Nov – Mar)
Deodorant – 100% Natural (that works) + Zero Waste
Deodorant – All Natural (that works) + Zero Waste
Organic Olema Quilted Eye Mask (Sleep)
Pomade – All Natural + Refillable Zero Waste Packaging
Pomade – All Natural + Refillable Zero Waste Packaging
Feet Up Trainer
Feet Up Trainer
5 Minute Gratitude Journal
Canadian Made Journal (Large) 9X12
Canadian Made Journal (Medium) 6X9
Canadian Made Journal (Small) 4.5X6