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Mushroom Foraging Knife
Rayvolt Bike
Rayvolt Bike
Organic Cotton Headband and Facemask
Toto (Japanese Manufacturer) Bidet + Toilet Seat
Chanca Piedra (Kidney Stones)
Urica (Gout)
Nedi Pot
5 Minute Gratitude Journal
Wheel (opens the back right up)
Silicone Lid for leftovers (who knew silicone had multi purposes)
7AM Omega Liquid Cannabis Based
7AM Omega Liquid Vegan
Scrubby – this thing is a beast.
Fellow Kettle
Fellow Kettle
Thought Flow Tea (essentially a nootropic (blood flow to the noggin) in a tea)
25lb Weighted Blanket
4.5LB Plant Based Protein (85% less packaging than plastic jugs)
30 Pack Hornby Island (Off of Vancouver Island) Organic Certified Bars
Canadian Quinoa – 25LB Tub
4L Ontario Organic Maple Syrup (let’s see what Quebec has to say)
25LB Saskatchewan Gluten Free Oats (Tub to be used after for sporting equipment)
25LB Saskatchewan Hemp Seeds (Tub to be used after for sporting equipment)
4L Quebec Organic Maple Syrup (let’s see what Ontario has to say)
Organic Cotton Bags – Support your local produce stand.
Buddha Board
Buddha Board
Canadian Sage Smudge Kit
7AM – Salus (Founded in 1916)
Zero Waste Hair Thickening Shampoo – 3 Pack
Sex – Supplement
Silk Sleep Mask (For Sleep & Sexy time)
Goal Setting Whiteboard
Hair Essentials for that thick flow
Palo Santo Sticks (to burn)
Zit Zapper
Zit Zapper
Wool Dryer Balls (3 Pack – Last 1 Year Each)
Fruit Fly & Compost Smell Deoderizer
Tru Earth Laundry Strips (3 Pack – 96 Loads)
Sex – Elixir
Rosemary Oil
Rosemary Oil
Zit Face No More – All Natural + Zero Waste (3 Pack)
Cuban Tobacco (3 Pack)
7AM – Longevity Tea
Palo Santo Essential Oil
Lucky Lager Beer Soap – All Natural + Zero Waste + No Hangover (3 Pack)
Build Your Own Vision Board
Morning Routine Whiteboard
Foreplay – 100% Natural Massage Oil (Made in Canada)
Fun Factory (German Made) Men’s Cock ring + milkin’ the ol’ prostate
Fun Factory (German Made) Men’s uhhh back end massager
Magic Wand – You + Her
Fun Factory (German Made) Men’s Massager
Set the mood my dude.
Sex – Natural Lube
Hair Metto – 100% Natural topical Hair Treatment
8PM – Sleep Tea
Prostate – Saw Palmetto Tincture
2PM – Medicinal Mushroom Elixir (Hot Water + Blender)
Collapsible Silicon Shaving Bowl for Travel
Travel Shaving Kit Carrier
100% Natural Shaving Bars (3-Pack)
Lavender (BC Grown)
Shave Kit – Don’t Use on Balls
Kava Kava
Kava Kava
Cold Season (Nov – Mar)
2 Cork Yoga Blocks
6 Feet (72 inches) Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat – For 5’0 – 5’8 Guys
7 Feet (84 inches) Long Yoga Mat – For 5’9 – 6’6 Guys
Beard Trimmer w/ replaceable head for your balls
Feet Up Trainer
Feet Up Trainer
Prostate – Do Kegals.
Indoor Growing Stand
Outdoor Canadian Cedar Sleeping Barrel
Outdoor Canadian Cedar Sauna
Vege Pod
Vege Pod
Cotton Swab
Cotton Swab
Meditation Cushion
Meditation Chair
Home Float Tank
Home Float Tank
Tongue Scrapper
Blackhead Tool
Toothpaste Tablets – 730 tabs (2 X a day for the year)
Bamboo Toothbrush (3 Pack)
Lava Mala
Lava Mala
Deodorant – All Natural (that works) + Zero Waste (3 Pack)
Pomade – All Natural + Refillable Zero Waste Packaging
Bone and Skull Impermanence Mala
Canadian Made Journal