About to retire after 45 years of flying for Air Canada, my uncle was going to be miserable during retirement. 55 pounds overweight at 65, I brought him out to the west coast of Canada, and helped him lose 48 pounds in a little over 6 months. Now he climbs mountains and slays. My 92 year old grandmother called me, and I will never forget what she said 'I don't know what you did to help him; but I'm quite sure you saved his life'. Purpose found. After spending my childhood playing every sport I could, majoring in sport management and spending the last 6 years in the natural health industry in Canada, I noticed, there were no resources on Natural Health for the boys. Welcome to mensnaturalhealth.com (and .ca, 'cause we're Canadian). We are not going to help you get jacked in 3 weeks, abs in 2 days, no blogs, just straight to the point - with the products that will help you achieve your goals. We will guide you to products that are advantageous for longevity, show videos to support, and provide resources for Canadian gents that need a little hand-holding 'cause their mom isn’t cooking for them anymore (love you, mom). We want to make sure you are waking up hard, keeping hair — or as much as you can on your head. Reducing stress and decision fatigue by making the process to longevity simple and guided. Every product on the shop has three intentions: 1. Minimalism - Reduce waste from our landfills, because we have done f**ked up the world with garbage 2. Natural ingredients 3. Mission and Value based brands